The COOL Cuisine Burger Battle of March 2019 has concluded. Thank you for participating!

We are arranging a date and time for chef awards and contacting voters who have won raffle prizes!

COOL Cuisine is planning some pop up dinner events with individual Davis chefs in the near future. The best way to learn about these events is to sign up for our group at Meetup.com, where we can email you invitations directly. Make sure to set your settings to allow communications from group organizer!

Burger Battle awards and our environmental impact calculations will be listed here by the end of April!

(Note: sources of the information on this graphic are from Meatless Mondays)

Burger Battle in the NEWS!! See our promo below and read all about it in the Davis Enterprise, Davis Vanguard, Davisite Blog, CivEnergy Blog

Read an interview with some of the chefs!



Thank you to our sponsors! 

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