March 2018 COOL Cuisine presents a planet-friendly Burger Battle!

Voters, Tasting Teams, and Restaurants can sign up to participate starting in January, 2019!
COOL Cuisine is a coalition of individuals and organizations seeking more plant-based dining options.
We are having a battle to see which restaurants can make the most mouth watering, enticing planet-friendly, plant-based burger! Restaurants sign up here. Diners VOTE HERE!
To find out about other events (restaurant advocacy or potluck meals), sign up on (create an account, join Cool Cuisine, and set settings to allow communication from the organizer).


We vote with our wallets for:

  •  More easy-to-order choices on menus
  •  Wait staff/chefs who are educated about our dietary needs

Follow, like and share the Burger Battle on Facebook – get the news about participating restaurants and share photos of the burgers you like. We’ll keep you posted about Battle news!

For more information, contact:

Our blog is a resource for restaurants to learn more about how to welcome plant-based diners and a resource for diners about where they can go for a hassle-free meal.

Coalition partners include Cool Davis, Vegans of Davis, and P.E.A.C.E at UC Davis.


Some reasons people eat a plant-based diet:  To sustain the planet, to sustain our health, and out of compassion for all living things. We also may eat this way for economic reasons, ethical considerations, world hunger issues, and religious beliefs.

Note to restaurants: We encourage you to experiment with new dishes  to see if they are popular.  But we won’t know you are trying something new unless you TELL US. That is why we offer free advertising to restaurants who want to reach our participants. Send us a jpg or png image and we’ll post it here and on our social media. INVITE us to come and try it! We’d love to hear from you.

Your successful creations could become delicious menu fixtures!