Plant-Based Education

Our supporters eat a plant-based diet for a number of reasons which include:fruit-1133777_960_720

  • “My doctor told me this would save my life.”
  • “I eat less meat because plants create less carbon (greenhouse gases) than farming animals. It is the only sustainable diet.”
  • “I am vegan because I do not believe in killing animals. This is the only way to eat compassionately and is the core of my ethics.”
  • “I follow the diet recommended by cardiologists to reverse heart disease.”
  • “I prefer seasonal, local food with a minimum of processing.”
  • “This diet is an outgrowth of religious strictures that my family follows.”
  • Lower cholesterol! Heart healthy! Less additives! Lots of energy!

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has a wealth of information.

Kaiser Permanente has a web page dedicated to eating a plant-based diet to improve and preserve health. They recently published guidelines to teach all of their doctors about plant-based nutrition so they can advise their patients. It is easy to follow.

Some videos of interest are below;


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