Burger Battle



The COOL Cuisine Burger Battle of March 2019 has concluded. Thank you for participating!

Awards were presented to the chefs at the City of Davis City Council meeting on April 23.


We have distributed raffle prizes to 45 voters!

Our goals were successfully met:

1. To create a fun, community effort to displace beef sales, creating a positive environmental impact which helps the City of Davis meet our Climate Action and Adaptation Plan goals
2. Get omnivores to have a positive experience eating food that is more planet-friendly, so they might be willing to adjust their diet going forward.

Environmental Benefits of the Burger Battle!

5,000 plant-based burgers displaced beef burgers and together our community prevented 14 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emmissions and saved 3,000,000 gallons of water!!

Economic Benefits for the City of Davis

  • The event created an economic stimulus of approximately $74,000 between downtown and UC Davis: $54,000 for the burgers plus an estimated $20,000 for side dishes and drinks
  • 27% of voters were from outside of Davis – the event had an apparent strong draw. It created a positive and memorable dining experience in Davis.

Burger Battle in the NEWS!! See our promo below and read all about it in the Davis Enterprise, Davis Vanguard, Davisite Blog, CivEnergy Blog

Read an interview with some of the chefs!

COOL Cuisine is planning some pop up dinner events with individual Davis chefs in the near future. The best way to learn about these events is to sign up for our group at Meetup.com, where we can email you invitations directly. Make sure to set your settings to allow communications from group organizer!



Thank you to our sponsors! 

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