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for the COOL Cuisine Burger Battle!

“Burger Battle Participant Information Packet” can be downloaded here.

It includes:

DEADLINES–please note changes here are more current than printed materials:

February 1

  • Chef’s last day to submit your logo
  • Event posters delivered to restaurants to post in your window
  • Good time to link to our social media, start hyping your restaurant and burger to our audience, and sharing the Burger Battle with your followers to drum up excitement! Do we have the right contact person for your social media??

February 27

  • Deadline to give us your burger description and ingredients list
  • Table-tents delivered to restaurants to set up
  • We take a photo of your burger or you can send one to

March 1



  1. Burger patty, bun, cheese, condiments and sides must be 100% plant-based (vegan) with no special ordering needed. (See packet for kitchen prep and cooking specifications.)
  2. Burger must be a newly designed menu item for this event.
  3. Burger must be offered throughout the month of March, 2019.
  4. Burger must be advertised to all diners with a menu insert that includes voting link, listed as a special by wait staff, and posted at the front of the restaurant using template provided.
  5. Sign up by January 15 to be included in marketing and films.
  6. Tax deductible participation donation to Cool Davis of $200.
  7. In order to be included in all advertising materials, provide a description and sample of your plant-based burger on or before February 1 (COOL Cuisine would like to take a photo in advance).
  8. More details on preparation are in the Rules Sheet.


What is Plant-Based? Plant-based foods do not contain any product that came from an animal including red meat, chicken/poultry, fish, shellfish, milk/cheese/cream from cows or goats, eggs, or honey from bees. Please read the RULES sheet for details about requirements for cooking and preparation.

The 20 Vegan Burgers to Eat Before You Die (awesome photos)



Links to other Resources:


Please connect with us on social media – send us photos of your chef and your burger and diners eating your burger so we can share them with other diners! This is FREE publicity for your restaurant.

We offer free advertising to restaurants who want to reach our participants. Send us photos and we’ll post it here and on our social media. INVITE us to come and try it! We’d love to hear from you.

We hope your successful creations will become popular delicious menu fixtures!

Thank you so much for trying something new and your patience and understanding.

Thank you to our sponsors! 

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Medium Rare (Supporters)



Rare (Friends)