Voting and Diner Info

Throughout the month of March, restaurants in Davis will compete to create the most mouth-watering, enticing, planet-friendly, plant-based burgers and diners will vote on each one they taste!

Diners – VOTE HERE starting March 1!

Locate Participating Restaurants  [this is currently the list of invitees – final list will be posted by February 1]

Maps to restaurants:     [we will update this information when the restaurant registration closes]

Learn About Participating Burgers – view restaurants as we add them, patty type, and ingredient list. This information will be updated as we receive information.

Tasting Teams – Register here.

What is a Tasting Team?  Get together with friends, coworkers, or members of a group you belong to and eat and vote as a block! Tasting team awards are separate from individual voter awards.

  • Five (5) or more individuals
  • Taste at least four (4) different burgers during the month-long event.
  • Tasting teams can create an award in their name that includes a logo. Companies and community organizations (service clubs, houses of worship, sports teams, fraternities, sororities, etc.) can register teams who wish to create a personalized award with their logo on it.
  • Register your Tasting Team here 

Get creative with your award name!! Examples:

  • Master Gardeners might create “The Garden Burger award for the most veggie-packed burger”
  • Odd Fellows might create “Oddest Burger”
  • GVH Running Team might create “The Marathon Burger Award for the burger that took the longest to eat”
  • Citrus Circuits Robotics Mentors might create “The Machinist Award for the greasiest burger”

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Burger Battle News Coverage

Keep and eye on this space for our new promo clip about the Battle!! (Due by February 1.)

Hey Burger Lovers! Are you looking to learn where you can buy some of the patties locally for use at home? Click here for inventory at the Davis Food Co-op and Nugget Markets as of December, 2018. 

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