spicy soup

April 20, 2017 Davis Noodle City

Davis Noodle City has a vegetarian section, most of which can be made totally plant-based which includes several appetizers, HUGE soups, and some hot dishes. If you pay in cash you will get a little discount and they may provide a few appetizers if our group fills the joint. They have 34 seats, so let us know you are coming. If we get a larger crowd, some may wait until a few tables turn over. Check our FB page for updates. They are located behind Sophia’s Thai on E Street.  $8-15 should cover it.

spicy soup

Plant Punk Kitchen Pop Ups

Plant Punk Kitchen is doing regular pop up fine dining events. The price is usually around $50, not including alcohol (you are welcome to bring your own). Most events are limited to 12 people so it is intimate and very social — you can make some new friends. Solos welcome, or bring a date – or bring 11 friends!! You can see the event dates and book a seat in advance on their booking site: https://www.plantpunkkitchen.com/bookmyseat/

The menus change according to what looks good at the farmers market and according to what inspires Chef Stefen that day — but rest assured, it will be the best meal you’ve had out in Davis (plant based or not).

spicy soup

March 16, 2017 Yeti Restaurant

Yeti Restaurant is at 234 E Street. $20 Buffet style. The restaurant can only seat 44 indoors, so please respond on an invitation early. It will be a fixed price event and we are still arranging the details. Apparently after we asked them to make changes last year–they DID, but they never told us. So let’s go say “Thank You!” in a BIG WAY!!  Please bring cash–it makes settling the bill easier. All ages and stages WELCOME!!

Pakora, aloo gobi, saag, dal, mixed Nepalese vegetables, rice, naan. $20 includes tax and tip. Make sure to let us know you are coming at least 24 hours in advance. Bring cash, it makes it easier to settle the bill.