Davis Food Co-op

The Davis Food Co-op is located at 620 G Street and is a plant-based diner’s best friend. They are working hard this year to welcome and serve us.davis-food-co-op

  • They have a deli and hot food bar with plant-based options– easy for take out
  • If there is something you are looking for an cannot find it – ask!
  • If they don’t have it, please fill out a request on a comment form.
  • If you see something new and interesting or on sale, please post a photo on our Facebook chat page.
  • Did you know that they will order special items for you (at a minimum amount)?

Here are some examples of products and some locations where they have grouped products together so they are easy to find. Watch for their great sales.

20161109_210208crop     20161109_210211crop