Raja’1436831736s Tandoor Healthy Indian Food does a periodic mostly vegan buffet for Vegans of Davis (get on the email list for notifications). The owner is very understanding and accommodating. There is outdoor balcony seating as well as indoors. 207 3rd St. (Upstairs)


n4zi8aatt2gzczcgPreethi Indian Cuisine has worked to enhance and highlight their plant-based options. There are several appetizers and the first 7 entrees (or Thalis) in the Vegetarian section are vegan. But wait!  The entire South Eastern Indian section of the menu is vegan – crepes, sauces, everything! The owners and waiters know immediately what you can and cannot eat and are very glad you came. A nice place for date night. The food is quite delicious (note that the green chutney has dairy). 2nd between F/G

Yeti Restaurant in the E Street Plaza has made an evolution in their menu to have quite a few plant-based options. Some have been permanent changes, and some are by request. They have a fun outdoor space for seating when it is warm out.

logoKathmandu Kitchen has Nepali/Indian food. They have a good selection of items but the menus are not well marked for what has ghee or cream and sometimes it takes several questions to get all of the answers. Popular among the Nepali crowd and with students. Small bar/sports on TV available.  234 G St between 2nd/3rd

We do not recommend Yeti (E St plaza), they pre-make all of their spice mixes using ghee (clarified butter).