Davis is a college toPizza_with_tomatoeswn, so pizza abounds. But not all pizzas are created equal. Most places use Daiya because it is the cheapest and provided by Sysco. If you don’t like it, complain and maybe some of them will try something new. We’ve done
our best to keep up to date here, but you should still double check whether dough has dairy (or eggs) in it.

Hot Ihotitalianlogotalian is the newest game in town. They use Daiya (extra charge). Says their manager: “We actually have seven vegetarian pizzas including one vegan (MUTI) and one weekend brunch pizza (NIBALI). Our regular and GF crusts are vegan so people could order any pizza without meat or cheese too. We also offer vegan salad dressings.” They are a business dedicated to sustainability – their Sacramento location is certified LEED! We like to sub vegan cheese on the BASSO (hold the pest0-ask them for basil instead) and the FIORI (sub olives for the meat). Next to Whole Foods on 1st/Richards.

Woodstock’s Pizza has a vegan (image_previewDaiya) cheese option and all 3 crusts are vegan. There are plenty of toppings and several large salads (beer and wine served in the attached room). G/2nd-3nd


Blaze Pizza is inexpensive, popular woith students, and is Chipotle-style-build-your-own type of service. Very nice staff. Tell them immediately that you are vegan. They will change gloves, and use Daiya, only one sauce is ok, and make sure to remind them to use a clean pizza cutter at the end. There is usually a line, but it moves very fast. F/2nd


Steve’s Pizza now has Daiya cheese (they switched for a short time to a vegetarian, but not vegan cheese), and also has other basics that can be done vegan using the Daiya as a sub. The regular and whole wheat crust have dairy, GF is vegan.

Others: We surveyed other Davis pizza restaurants on the veganicity of their crusts.

Paesano’s- vegan
Uncle Vito’s- vegan
Symposium – vegan
Cenario’s – vegan
Lamppost- regular crust is vegan, GF not vegan
Little Caesar’s – unclear–worker said it likely is not vegan but didn’t know for sure.
Round Table – both pan and regular crusts have dairy
Pizza Guys- regular crust has egg, GF is vegan but only in medium, it’s pre-made.
Village Grill- regular crust not vegan, GF is vegan but pre-made and in limited quantities

Regarding the veganicity of cheeses, careful – we now know that Steve’s veggie cheese is NOT vegan. If anyone wants to survey all the pizza restaurants regarding whether they offer a vegan cheese that would be COOL. Send us an update.