Humble Beginnings

There has been a build-up of social activity in vegan and plant-based cool eaters in Davis the past 6 months thanks to the site that has over 225 members. Some are from Sacramento, but most of the active members are from Davis.  All of us are adventurers when it comes to eating – we want an experience, a new and interesting feast.  We also want to go to just regular restaurants with our friends (mostly omnivores) without having to perform a “When Harry met Sally” routine running through the menu with the waiter in search of a dish that can be altered to suit our needs.

We want to avoid the embarrassment of standing out, which invites a whole conversation where people grill us about our dietary choices. We want order a dish without having to pay full price when the waiter removes the most expensive parts of the dish – if feels unfair. We are happy to pay full price for something that amounts to a well rounded meal. While our friends are filled up until their next meal, we are typically hungry again in a couple of hours.

Come along on this journey.  If you are diner, ask to speak with the manager when you go out. Encourage them nicely to add new plant-based dishes and to mark them discretely (or boldly) on their menu so we can easily find them.  Ask them to keep track for a while of whether they get ordered.

If you are a restaurateur, let us know that you are working on expanding your menu. We can offer you advise and assistance. We can help you with printed materials. And the BEST part is that we can help you advertise to vegans and others who are willing to drive more than an hour for a new dining experience.  We can work together.

We can make Davis a dining destination for plant-based diners, heart-healthy diners, those who want to live in a matter that is good for the environment, and others who just want a new taste.