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COOL Cuisine Burger Battle News – See Bullets Below!!

  • BURGER BATTLE Wrap Up on the Statistical Details – how many voted, what was the economic and environmental impact? – Cool Davis, and the Davis Enterprise

  • VIDEO PROMO – Featuring Davis City Council Members Lucas Frerichs, Gloria Partida, and Dan Carson
  • February, 2019 – John Mott-Smith talks about why the Burger Battle is important in “Per Capita Davis”
  • February, 2019 – INTERVIEW WITH THE CHEFS by Linnea Patterson!
  • February, 2019 – BURGER BATTLE INTRODUCTION in Woodland Democrat
  • February, 2019 – BURGER BATTLE INTRODUCTION in the Davisite
  • February, 2019 – BURGER BATTLE INTRODUCTION in the Davis Vanguard
  • January, 2019 – LiveKindly covers the Burger Battle
  • January, 2019 – BURGER BATTLE INTRODUCTION in the Davis Enterprise
  • March, 2017  – Changing Davis One Restaurant at a Time
  • January, 2017, Shifting Diets special to Vanguard
  • January, 2017 – CC Kicks off 2017 with Symposium Event
  • November, 2016, We become a partner of climate action group, Cool Davis
  • August, 2016, Feature on participants: Kelcey Meadows-Lucas
  • July, 2016, Feature on participants: Julie Van Dam, Plant Punk Kitchen
  • May 2016, Feature in Davis Vanguard on Economic Development
  • April 2016 – Join us at Preethi
  • March 2016 – Join us at Ket Mo Ree
  • February 2016 – Plant-Based Foodies Spread your Roots in Davis – Join us at Chickpeas

COOL Cuisine Public Service Announcement at Davis Media Access

Mom Passes on Plant-Based Diet to her Son!! Read about COOL Cuisine participant Kelcey Meadows-Lucas!

Thanks to Shoku, who writes the V-Word for helping spread the news about vegan events in Sacramento News & Review!

Vegan Outreach has given us a nice plug. Go Big or Go Home! So glad to be playing on the same team with these superstars!!

The Davis Vanguard is spreading the COOL gospel!

Thanks for the shout-out from Davis Enterprise columnist John Mott-Smith about the environmental benefits to limiting your intake of animal products.

Check out the Davis Enterprise and People’s Vanguard of Davis to see some of the many plant-focused eating social activities in Davis! Thanks so much to the Enterprise for their support!!